ChiangMai Properties, Shop house

TownhomwBuilding chomJan chiangmaicity

Near Chiangmai Airport, Chiangmai - Hod road.

Accommodation business on mountain of Pong-Hangdong.

Resort2rai pong coffeeShop Chiangmai

Mini resort with Coffee shop on the road, rain forest atmoshere. Land Deed Title.

Chiangmai the city of cultures and festivals.



The roads of Chiang Mai are full of vehicles during the water splashing festival of Songkran.


Chiang Mai, Yi Peng Festival
Loi Krathong procession
People floating krathong rafts during the Loi Krathong festival in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai hosts many Thai festivals, including:

    • Loi Krathong (known locally as Yi Peng), held on the full moon of the 12th month of the traditional Thai lunar calendar, being the full moon of the second month of the old Lanna calendar. In the Western calendar this usually falls in November. Every year thousands of people assemble floating banana-leaf containers (krathong) decorated with flowers and candles and deposit them on the waterways of the city in worship of the Goddess of Water. Lanna-style sky lanterns (khom fai or kom loi), which are hot-air balloons made of paper, are launched into the air. These sky lanterns are believed to help rid the locals of troubles and are also used to decorate houses and streets.
    • Songkran is held in mid-April to celebrate the traditional Thai New Year. Chiang Mai has become one of the most popular locations to visit during this festival. A variety of religious and fun-related activities (notably the indiscriminate citywide water fight) take place each year, along with parades and Miss Songkran beauty competition.
    • Chiang Mai Flower Festival is a three-day festival held during the first weekend in February each year; this event occurs when Chiang Mai's temperate and tropical flowers are in full bloom.
    • Tam Bun Khan Dok, the Inthakhin (City Pillar) Festival, starts on the day of the waning moon of the sixth lunar month and lasts 6–8 days.
    • Notable local Buddhist celebrations are Visakha Bucha Day at Doi Suthep (mountain) where thousands of Buddhists make the journey on foot after sunset, from the bottom of the mountain to the temple at the top Wat Doi Suthep.[31] Makha Bucha Day is celebrated at large temples (Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, and Wat Sri Soda) with thousands of attendees.[32]


While most inhabitants speak Thai, there are many older inhabitants that also speak the former Lan Na Kingdom's unique language known as Northern ThaiLanna or Kham Mueang. The script used to write this language, called the Tai Tham alphabet, is studied only by scholars, and the language is commonly written with the standard Thai alphabet.[33] Thai, English, Chinese, and Japanese are used in hotels and travel-related businesses.


    • Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center
    • Chiang Mai National Museum, which highlights the history of the region and the Kingdom of Lan Na.
    • Highland People Discovery Museum, a showcase on the history of the local mountain tribes.
    • Mint Bureau of Chiang Mai or Sala Thanarak, Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance, Rajdamnern Road (one block from AUA Language Center). Has an old coin museum open to the public during business hours. The Lan Na Kingdom used leaf (or line) money made of brass and silver bubbles, also called "pig-mouth" money. The exact original technique of making pig-mouth money is still disputed, and because the silver is very thin and breakable, good pieces are now very rare.[34]
    • Bank of Thailand Museum
    • MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, a museum of contemporary art which opened in 2016.[35][36] It is one of only two museums of contemporary art in Thailand, with the other museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bangkok, considered somewhat more conservative in tastes than MAIIAM.[36]


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Land 331 sq.wha., next to the rice field.
Hangdong, Nong Tong subdistrict.

NongTong Hangdong, chiangmai.

Longan Orchard is suitable for house building, Nongtong - Hangdong, Chiangmai.

Herbs for heal, Chiangmai. Kaotong Houttuynia cordata

herb heal health, chiangmai.

Townhouse 2 bedrooms, hangdong, Chiangmai

townhouse2bedrooms hangdong Chiangmai

Palm spring project near Kad Farang - Hangdong.

Building near Night safari. Maehia.

386sqw Rajapruek Doikham Maehia.chiangmai

Building with swimming pool, Rajapruek park zone, Chiangmai city.

House on Riverside, creek, Streamside.

Maewan stream roadside, doisaket house for sale, Chiangmai.

House in nature surrounding, fresh air,

high land near the Coffee plantation of Doisaket,

Chiangmai Province.

Read more: Sale 3 bedrooms House on creek side, on the road to ChiangRai, Doisaket District, Chiangmai.

House240sqw chiangmaiCity Ping Riverside, properties for sale, Thailand.

A Big House with a little house and garden next to Ping river,

on the road to handong district,

Pa daed - Sanpakwan route.

Read more: House 240 sqw. on Ping riverside, near Middle Ring road, Pa daed subdistrict, Chiangmai City.

656sqw Srivichai Lee, Lamphun.

Two-storey house with 3 bedrooms, next to the asphalt road,

next to the Li River, Srivichai Subdistrict,

Li District, Lamphun Province.

Read more: House on Lee riverside with tropical garden, Lee district, Lamphun Province.

ResortHouse3rai Creek Pong, chiangmai properties.

Resort house next to a stream, 3 rai on the mountain,

private atmosphere, plenties of big trees.

Decorate and build like a resort in a natural forest.

Read more: Sell Resort House on streamside, Jungle atmosphere of Pong valley, Hangdong, Chiangmai.

House480sqw Doisaket FloraVille,chiangmai properties for sale.

2 storey house, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

There is a large basement.  in the Flora Ville project.

5 air conditioners, 3 water heaters.

Read more: Big house for sale, 6 bedrooms next to the canal, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai.

Fully Furnished condominium

47sqm Nimana condominium,chiangmai.

Condominium@Nimmanheamin, Chiangmai.

Accommodation business.
Land on Hillside, Mountain-Highland.

HillsideLand1rai PongYeang Maerim chiangmai, real estate.

Land on Doi Pong Yeang, 1 rai, good weather on the mountain,

next to a concrete road, village, Pong Yang sub-district,

Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai province.

Read more: Sell 1 rai land on the road, Land on Mountain of Pongyeang valley, Maerim, Chiangmai.

30rai Maetang Sobpoeng.Hill,chiangmai, Thailand.

Land for sale in Cha Miang ; Coffee plantation on Doi Mon Ngor,

30 rai, next to the Road, Sop Poeng Subdistrict,

Mae Taeng District, Chiangmai Province.

Read more: 30 rai Land on high Mountain, fruit orchard, Sobpoeng-MonNgor, Maetang, Chiangmai.

28rai nature doisaket, streamside - Chiangmai.

Land next to nature, 28 rai and little,

next to the four-lane road, Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai,

Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province.

Read more: Sell Land 28 rai closed to nature on highway No.118, Doi Saket, Chiangmai.


293sqw Pamieng roadside doisaket, Chiangmai.

Land with 1storey shophouse, Highway side of Pamieng,

Doisaket district, Chiangmai Province.

Land on a hill next to the road

Read more: Land on the road 293sqw the highway to ChiangRai, Mountain of Doi saket, Chiangmai.

MaerimLand5rai Pongyeang hillslope, chiangmai real estate.

Land on a hillside at Pongyeang Valley, Maerim real estate.

This land is suitable for the resort project, Chiangmai hillside land.

One of the attractive hillside slope land at Pong Yeang valley.

Read more: Land slopes 5 rai, next to asphalt road, Pong Yeang - Mae Rim, Chiang Mai Province.

6rai Hillside streamside Doisaket, chiangmai.

Beautiful plot of land on Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai road.

in front of the Land are a stream and road.

Read more: Land 6 rais on Hillside, highland View-next to stream, Doisaket, Chiangmai

ประกันเดินทาง TRAVEL EASY
Vintage style House@Sankampeang.

VintageHome Sankampeang BaanNaChuen Chiangmai.thailand 1

Housing estate on the road to new chiangmai airport nearby Outer ringroad, Sankampeang, Chiangmai.

Land with Villa houses, Maerim, Chiangmai.

12rai Rimtai Maerim Chiangmai, realestate for developement.

Suitable for real estate projects, nearby attractive place of Maerim.

Waldorf inspired community

Waldorf inspired Apa chiangmai, Thailand.

leaning center@Sankampeang, Chiangmai, Thailand.

A-Pha Learning Center was born from a group of teachers and parents who use the Waldorf approach to education for children.

Coffee Roasted wholesale

AlizCoffee, araica coffee roasted, Chiangmai.

Arabica Coffee @ChiangMai-ChiangRai.

From the coffee farm on high Mountain to your cup.

Over 10 years of experience in roastery.

Transport Service in Chiangmai.

car driver chiangmai, mini van.carDriver, mini van, chiangmai

Chiangmai, car for rent with driver, Thailand.

Mini Van which carry any stuff.


CM-Properties Agency                   Service

131 Moo 3                              House construction

Maehia,                                   Consultant 

Chiangmai city.